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P.S I Love You & More…



So, my interest for reading started very late. Probably when I was 12 because before that books were a complete bore for me. I never completed a single storybook in my life before 12 despite the many warnings from my teacher that reading makes you affluent in terms of knowledge, good grammar & vocab. I was like “Who cares right?” However, slowly, I realised I have to pick books that suit my taste. I started reading books because I can imagine what the writer says in the book and when the imagination becomes very intense, it escalates my eagerness to find out more. So, that was a short summary of how I started to love reading.

Moving on…

One of the books that I have completed reading and is still fresh on my mind would be, PS. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern.  Nope! I am not going to write a book review. Instead I am going to talk about how relate-able this book is to everyone. So, people who plan to read this book, kindly stop reading this post or I might be an absolute spoiler for you.

PS. I Love You is a story about pure love and coping with the death of a loved one with the guidance of THAT loved one through some letters he had left before he died. A lady loses her husband who used to be her childhood best friend. He dies due to cancer but leaves her with a box of letters for her to read each month, written by him before he died for her to ease her grief and move on with life. I easily cry while watching heart-wrenching scenes and movies but I never thought I would cry after reading a book. I literally cried at night after I had finished the book and went to sleep waking up with a book hangover the next morning. Cecelia Ahern has done a great job in executing the pain of a widow who was and is still madly in love with her husband, trying to cope without him.

This book gave me goosebumps as well as fear because I personally have lost people in my life but generally they aren’t as close to me. (Touch-wood) I hope people and my family live for 100 years. I have attended two funerals in my life and trust me, funerals are the last thing I want to attend in the whole wide world. I am sure everyone feels the same way. Losing someone is depressing. When I was younger, death and funeral didn’t bother me, although I knew what they mean. I was young so my thoughts will naturally not be about death and stuff. But in fact, I had difficulties reacting to someone’s death.

Of course I felt sad but I never went deeper into empathizing other people. I went for my very first funeral and I just ensured that I didn’t smile at anyone because everyone is filled with sorrow there. I couldn’t cry. I thought something was wrong with me. This person who just passed away isn’t close to me but I do know him personally and that he is a great person. Also, I know the people affected by his passing. Yet, I couldn’t shed a tear. It was dispiriting to be at the crematory and crazy to witness people screaming and crying. I was really young back then. All I could do was to wish for it to be over.

As I grew up, I definitely started to fathom things better and deeper which I regret because it makes life tougher now that I understand everything. My Great Grandma passed away a few weeks ago. She is 90+ which we generally believe is a normal age for someone to pass away. But, the entire week after hearing about the passing of her was the most depressing week for me. I meet her once or twice a year and we don’t really talk much but she is always happy to see us. I remember the times when she cooked great food during Christmas and I would praise her for her amazing cooking. Then she would come over to my house for Diwali and greet me with her cheery and happy face. These are the little memories I have with her. I attended her wake and funeral. My thoughts were super pessimistic that entire week, my feelings, energy were all low and I had so much going on inside me.

Again I wasn’t really breaking down much during the funeral. I teared. Again, everyone was crying their lungs out. That whole vibe and atmosphere isn’t something I want to experience ever again. No, I am not heartless, neither am I tough. I was super sad and I would say speechless because all I had inside my heart was a question and that was “WHY?” Why do people need to go away someday? Why do we all have to go through this? Well, your answer could probably be “Life is like that.”, “We all have our expiry dates”, etc. But I can’t be satisfied with that. I mean I am not questioning god or nature. I am just so adamantly curious and I don’t see why we need to leave this world leaving so many people depressed.

It got me asking questions like “Then what are we at the end of the day? If we all are going away alone.” I had a kind of fear which was ineffable. It would pop up when I am sleeping, just staring into space or doing assignments, throughout that week. These were my precise feelings, no filter. I don’t know if it is right to say that I cried a lot on the inside because I felt like there was so much heaviness in my heart and the fear of losing people forever in the future.

Death is uninvited and inevitable; Hard Truth.

Looking at a body with no movement or heart beating inside a coffin is daunting. The person was once alive, talking to you or maybe laughing with you and now you can never bring that back but only think about the memories you had with that person. I mean, YOU CAN’T BRING THAT BACK! Unless you use a freaking time machine which I doubt is plausible. It is more than painful as it sounds. This is exactly what Cecelia portrayed in PS. I Love You. The lady could not even get herself up from her bed every morning because she was so held back by the memories of her husband, she was as good as a walking corpse.

She was depressed and suffocated with the memories of her husband in every part of her house. It was a living hell for her. These things I am saying may seem all over the place but my point here is to address the fact that losing someone is tough and I would like to appreciate and respect everyone who has lost someone in their lives, felt depressed once but is still surviving and living their lives. Its arduous, but you overcame it. And for those who still haven’t, stay strong and believe in god, the universe or yourself if you are free-thinker.

P.S: If this post has triggered some memories or thoughts and made you feel emotional. I am extremely sorry. Please embrace the memories of the people who are gone from this world and the presence of people who are still alive because life will always feel short. Time is never enough.

I wish humans were machines so that it could be as easy as inserting a pair of new batteries to bring them back alive!




What The World Craves For



Not just lately. I can’t say “lately” because there have been many attacks going on in many different countries which have minute media coverage. But, it’s just that the countries affected lately such as Paris, Brussels have a mass media coverage. So, in that case, the world has been going through a morass for decades and decades but we just don’t know about all of them. Not just attacks like bombings or flight hijacking, but also, rape cases, types of abuse, violence, weapons and what not?

No! This post isn’t about media coverage or any sort of political discussion. It is about what the World really craves for. We may have seen many social media statuses about world peace and love on days where something significant takes place. We support it for a certain period and then the fire just gets put off later on. Bringing peace & love everywhere you go is an understatement. We need to build something like an understanding, that each and every one of us will have instilled in us as we grow up, like a machine.

Have any of you had this strange thought of wanting to be a child again and everyone else are just children? Where we are all just kids, having fun with our lives, petty fights with friends around us and the only problem we have is that our color pencils or toys are missing? If  only life was that easy right?

Of course we can’t have a perfect world. But why not make an effort and spread the effort, to at least create a positive world.

Why don’t we start from being kind to one another. Give it a thought:

  • Everyday, if you start looking at people in a more friendly way, do something nice as simple as greeting people with a smile or saying “good morning” making both the parties happy. You have nothing to lose.
  • If boys are strictly taught to respect women, girls, then you are doing a favor by reducing the amount of rape and harassment cases. — And, girls are taught to be themselves and express themselves without having to hide anything just because of someone’s ill-mannered thoughts or having to answer the “society”. By doing so, you are reducing the number of suicide cases of females who survived rape, is divorced, was harassed, etc.
  • If parents learn and teach their kids the importance of following your religion but at the same time respecting other religions and culture.
    • Being open to other cultures and appreciating them, instead of blaming any sort of race/religion as a whole (Stereotyping)
    • Accepting love at all forms, be it multi-racial marriages because love is a HUMAN FEELING which everyone can feel towards anyone and it doesn’t change your beliefs or the opposite party’s as love doesn’t destroy any religion or race
    • Homosexuality even though you aren’t comfortable with it because they are homosexual and it is who they are just like how you are not homosexual.
  •  How about using Communication as a weapon because it doesn’t murder anyone, to eradicate misunderstanding or help negotiation instead of having to use knifes, guns, etc to express unhappiness, anger or solve issues.
  • Putting your loved ones in every situation before you make a hasty decision or harm someone, empathizing what you do to others and what if your loved one has to go through it.

We are all humans, we all have feelings, strengths, weaknesses. How could you stop a fellow human from feeling the way you are feeling, what right do you have to take away a fellow human’s life? That means your life can be taken too right?

Drop everything. Give this a thought.

There are many more issues that we can evade, that is within our control but we just overlook them. It starts at home, and that’s how it spreads to people outside and then countries, continents,etc.

I’m not God or someone with an authority to say all this. I’m just “human”who belong to Earth and wants it to be a better place.

The Earth craves for that one thing that each and every one of us will have instilled in us as we grow up, like a machine.

Travel: Not as ordinary as you think


IMG_0036 (2)

PHOTO: Taken from Tiger Airways Flight

Everyone wants to be able to travel to different countries, continents
or even planets. Why is it a dream? Why do you have a dream destination? Why can’t you
just Google it and be satisfied with the images of that place? I have the answer for you! Well, it’s because you want to be there, looking at the place, breathing that air, talking to the people and blending into the culture, basically experiencing it. You can’t do all that by looking at Google images right?

Some of us are inspired to travel because we see other people travelling, probably because they can afford it or their job requires them to do so, etc and we are so attracted to the fact that this person is able to travel all the time and thus we are inspired to travel. Some others, on the other hand, just love travelling for all of the reasons mentioned above which is about experiencing.

I am a hybrid, combination of both.

Yes, Instagram has made me go all “Waaah” when I see people travelling all the time and taking artistic pictures with great captions but at the same time I try to empathize what the person would have felt or seen being at that place at that point of time. Travelling is a totally different feeling altogether. I have traveled several times before and all I am trying to convey is for us humans to embrace every bit of it.

I have traveled to Thailand, Indonesia and India so far. It’s not that many, but the experiences I gained from these trips have definitely exposed me to different parts of Asia. It has made me appreciate what I have here in my own country and at the same time envy a certain lifestyle or good habit that these places that I go to actually have and try to fit it into my lifestyle back here in my country. My bucket list just increases in its length each time I travel because the more I travel, the more I want to travel.

Travel is the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations, and can involve travel by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, airplane or other means, with or without luggage, and can be one way or round trip.” – This is the definition of travelling  (Fun Fact) and I am talking about the airplane travelling from one country to another. Let’s not talk about the different countries we go to, lets just merely talk about travelling in an airplane to a particular place.

The fact that you are unable to predict if you are going to end up at your desired destination alive is just thrilling by itself. It’s crazy how you are risking your life to get to a place. No, I am not being a depressed freak or a negative person. I am just trying to make you realize that anything can happen when you are up there in the air on an Airplane. When I get on an airplane, “YAAAS Window Seat Please!” because I love observing how I leave an outline of a country and reach another outline of another country. The feeling is extraordinary.

As I had said, traveling is not as ordinary as you think, its a totally different thing that you are experiencing. It comes with a lot of risks, lessons, happiness and fascination as well. It’s a package! I am still young and I am not given the freedom to travel on my own yet. Travelling with your family and relatives is fun and memorable but I can’t wait for the day to be able to travel alone or maybe with a best friend and experience the “experience” all by myself.

You Only Live Once, Live It Wisely.






I am an aspiring writer who writes just about anything under the sun. I have robust interests for fashion, music, books, travel, social issues and makeup.

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